All necessary safety features

100% safe and totally reliable, they are tested once a year by TÜV Rheinland one of the strictest certification bodies in the world. They always work to protect consumers and guarantee and have the companies ensure top quality for the products they check. This is done to offer final Consumers products that are more functional, handy, customer-friendly and most important of all safe.

Less after sale maintenance costs and longer lasting on time

Plastimark products have not just a great aesthetic impact but they are also solid, strong and built to last. A consequence being a drop in maintenance costs which is also helped by the fact of being modular.In fact in case of brakes, each part can be substituted very quickly and easily: in most cases the internal staff of the store can do the operation without using an external Maintenance Service staff and without any specialized equipment.All our trolleys are very light (about half of metal trolleys) which is a great comfort to the end users and at the same time they suffer a less wheels’ wear and tear: as a consequence, there is a large reduction of wheels’ substitution, decreasing further the maintenance’s costs.It is important to underline that plastics never gets rusty, and particularly the one used to produce our trolleys is mixed with UV stabilisers which guarantee an excellent resistance to all air conditions and temperatures ( - 20° / + 60° ), as a consequence a longer lasting on time.