• Ecological: 100% recyclable
  • Lighter and handier trolley
  • No electrostatic charge
  • New design
  • New ergonomic handgrip to be customized with logo and integral coin slot if required.
  • mm 100 and 125 standard wheels
  • Ergonomics and simplicity
  • Quality and solidity
  • UV-resistant and weather-resistant materials
  • Max. width 500mm approx.
  • Standard version and with baby-seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fewer maintenance costs
  • RFID compatible


Capacity: 110 Liters
Width: 500 mm
Height: 960 mm
Lenght: 1.035 mm
Nesting: 240 mm
Total weight: 12,5 Kg
Four pivoting wheels with Santoprene tread and 100 Kg capacity each.
Wheel support in glass fiber reinforced PA6 mounted on a tight bearing to prevent water or dust from leaking in.
12 months guarantee from date of delivery.


Basket and baby-seat: grey ral 7023
Structure: red ral 3020 • blue ral 5015
Handle: red ral 3020 • blue ral 5015

Customized trolleys in different colors, upon the customer's request. Minimum 300 pieces.