In light of the worsening of the health crisis due to Coronavirus Covid-19, pursuing the primary objective of protecting the health of our workers and in the interest of the whole local and national community , both in compliance with the latest government directives and as a precaution, we inform you about the closure of all production and logistics activities (order preparation and shipping) for the companies of our group in Italy.
This suspension of working activities will take place for next week, from the established date of 16th March 2020 until 22nd March 2020, while waiting to see in the next few days how the general health situation will evolve and depending also on the consequent government directives.

To ensure a minimum commercial and administrative follow-up service remotely, the following contacts remain active:

Sales Administration:
Mariangela Taranto:
Elisa Sigismondi:
Nicola Botasso:

Remo Sfondrini:

Paolo Giubergia:
Giulia Brugna:

Federica Carlino :

The holders are also always reachable by email and by phone:
Oscar Giordano:
Enrico Giordano:

We are sorry for the involuntary inconveniences that may arise from this situation, hoping that everything will be resolved very soon, thanks also to your cooperation and to the mutual support we can give one other in the difficult moment we are going through.

Plastimark S.p.A.

12th March 2020