Global health emergency has changed our habits and our lives, but it has allowed us to evaluate some aspects of our daily routines not considered until now. For example, people attention has grown toward the hygiene of the surfaces touched by our hands. Market niche of hygiene and cleaning products has massively increased, sometimes reaching situations in which offer cannot satisfy demand of private sector.
Our continuous contact with our customers during World’s lockdown has underlined how managements of Retail operators’ focused their efforts to find out right solutions to make stores safe and sanitized, trying to make final customers shopping experience as normal as possible.
Through this future change view, Plastimark SpA has tried, as always, to support customers proposing interesting solutions able to solve their new problems.
We are talking about our Clean line, lunched during Euroshop 2020 fair. Clean line products represent a long-term solution to use also when the emergency ends, as Antibacterial compound does not permit the proliferation of bacteria over surfaces of our plastic trolleys and baskets. In addition, it makes shopping experience of the final customers more focused on purchasing of products display on shelf instead of thinking about risks linked to contamination of areas touched by other people.
Clips for trolleys, moreover, are a personalized solution more sustainable than the disposable gloves avoiding the risks of been thrown in our sea. The vision of Plastimark of creating products that are environment.
The Clips have another interesting aspect: they could be used in other daily tasks as opening and closing doors without touching the handle.
The emergency has slowed down us, but together we will come back running faster than before!