Digitization in stores has been gaining traction in recent years. Over time, it has gone through many different stages that have led stores to become what they are today. In-shelf monitors for promotional communication, software-based management of checkout queues, implementation of scanners for self-scanning, and a continued increase in the presence of self check-out points are examples.
Self-check-out services speed up the shopping experience, allowing consumer to avoid long queues. Thinking about being able to walk into a store, even during the busiest hours, being able to independently manage the shopping moment from start to finish, without being slowed down, is a great incentive that can make people prefer one store over another.
The strategic decision of investing in self check-out solutions is important for customers, but not only that: implementing this kind of technology improves customer service, cost savings, efficiency, and service offerings that match new needs.
In order to do this, however, the shopping baskets and shopping trolleys provided for shopping must be efficient and optimized for this type of technology. Compatibility with the latest digital systems allows for careful and precise monitoring of Plastimark shopping trolleys within the stores, as well as not establishing any kind of barrier as far as anti-shoplifting is concerned. The installation of cash registers that allow self check-out, whether or not connected to self-scanning, allows for a reduction in the workforce required at the checkout that can be employed in: customer care, shelf sorting, online shopping management, and more.