It was in March 2023 that Plastimark FR delivered the supply of baskets and shopping trolleys, MaxiTyko and Hybrid 240lt, to the new SUPER U La Madeleine shop (North France).
The owner of this shop, Guillaume DUMARCHE, ex Marketing Director of SYSTEME U, told us about his point of view.

Why did your choice of supply fall on PLASTIMARK?
Guillaume DUMARCHE: After comparing all the manufacturers and their different types of baskets and shopping trolleys on the market,
we chose the solution that met all our criteria:
1. Lightness
2. Silent operation
3. Sustainable development (made of recycled polypropylene, easily recyclable at end of life)
4. The great strength of the chassis
The hybrid trolley met all these criteria, so all that remained was to find the producer offering the best price-quality ratio, and the best solution was proposed by PLASTIMARK FR.

After this first year of use, what feedback have you had from your customers?
Guillaume DUMARCHE: We chose the 240-litre version for its large load capacity, and we are about to add a 220-litre version for smaller baskets to our range.
This new shopping trolley offers greater ease of use with a lower basket.

Do you have any advice for us?
Guillaume DUMARCHE: Highlight your company’s CSR policy and communicate the low carbon footprint of our products.

We would like to thank Guillaume DUMARCHE for his valuable feedback on the products chosen.