The growing interest in environmental sustainability translates, in the field of interior design, into the search for clean lines and the choice of minimal furniture that is inspired by, imitates or otherwise refers to the natural world.

The privileged colors for furnishings of the stores are neutral ones such as beige, brown and green, that recall nature. Floors are often black, shelves made of wood and light is made less artificial. The choice of music also plays an important role in making the consumer experience as pleasant as possible.

Plastimark offers several solutions that fit in perfectly with this trend.

In addition to the possibility of choosing from a vast range of colours with all possible shades, for some years now, there has also been a line of baskets made by adding wood fibres to plastic, to recreate the colours and scents of nature

The Wood line is an eco-friendy solution and supports the shopping experience at 360°.

We have several customers who have decided to follow this trend and are also carrying on their philosophy by choosing Plastimark branded products.

The photo shows the BioCoop shop in La Ruche de Tolbiac, Paris, France, a completely eco-friendly shop.