All the Giordano Holding companies and economic activities are aimed at enhancing people’s well-being, directly or indirectly.

We cannot therefore but be contrary “by default” to any action that undermines the physical integrity of any other human being.

We want therefore to unconditionally register our firmest disapproval of what is happening in Ukraine these days, as well as all the crises that in this world can find no solutions other than the recourse to weapons.

We do not of course believe in some utopian disappearance of any disagreement, which is an essential part of our life and represents the drive behind man’s social and economic progress itself. No, what we are envisaging is the promotion of a serious and thoughtful desire for dialogue that can lead to shared solutions, without degenerating into the violence of war, a denial of our very nature of sentient beings.

We are close to all those who are currently suffering the consequences of these conflicts, and we will strive under all circumstances to do whatever we can for a quick return to peace.