When we talk about Major International Brands of the Retailing sector, we cannot fail to mention Retailers such as Eataly, Spinneys, Auchan, Carrefour, Intermarché, but also Leroy Merlin in the non-food sector.
One of Plastimark’s strongest points is being able to meet all their needs, thanks to its wide range of products.
The demands vary depending on the Country, the type of format, concept and sizes.
To make an example, let’s mention a leader as Auchan, to which Plastimark provides its Hybrid 240 shopping trolley in France and at the same time the Pallets in Italy and the Maxityko in Luxembourg.
In the Arabic Countries we can mention Spinneys: in Lebanon, where products such as Hybrid 240, Maxityko and pallets can be easily spotted in many supermarkets, in Egypt where the same happens with Duka or Twiga and all the way down to Dubai, where Pleasy trolleys are highly appreciated.
Regarding Italy, Eataly is certainly one of the biggest customers, which has chosen products such as the Pleasy, the Furbo system and the Twiga for its shops, unlike Eataly Russia and the USA branch that prefer the City shopping trolley and the Speesy basket.
Plastimark is also proud to have made it as far as Ile de la Reunion, as a supplier of Intermarché, again with its Hybrid shopping trolley, while in France and Portugal Duka and Twiga are also widespread in Intermarché supermarkets.