Choose a Plastimark trolley for a visible ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REDUCTION!

Here are the data from the study conducted by ELAN.

Plastimark trolley
Photochemical Ozone Creation Potential (kg C2H4) 20,9%
Eutrophication Potential (kg PO43- eq) 9,8%
Acidification potential (kg SO2 eq) 12,2%
Global Warming Potential (kg CO2 eq) 23,5%
Depletion of abiotic resources (kg Sb eq) 25,9%
Non renewable energy consumption (MJ) 30,6%

Metal trolley 100%

*Comparative study with a metal trolley carried out with a life cycle assessment tool. Results of the study are submitted as part of a type II environmental declaration according to the ISO 14021 standard.