100 LT = 100%  made in Italy

100% quality

100% comfort

100% high-quality plastics

Plastimark is pleased to introduce an extremely innovative solution in the world of shopping trolleys, capable of satisfying with a single product the latest needs of both retailers and consumers.

That is how “Pleasy”, the perfect solution for small and medium-sized sales areas, was born: it comes in a single block, it is extremely compact and 100% made in plastics. Despite being very light and easy to manoeuvre, this trolley was designed in compliance with the highest standards of both steadiness and sturdiness.

By creating “Pleasy”, Plastimark successfully merges a very compact size with a significant load capacity (100 liters), without forgetting extreme functionality and high performance; this trolley indeed is resistant to atmospheric agents and oxidation, easy to clean and has very low maintenance costs.

It can be produced in a wide range of colour combinations and customized with logos, which can either be applied on the handle or printed directly on the frame.

Pleasy therefore proves to be a unique and clearly identifiable product, able to represent at best a brand, on the one hand, and of turning shopping into a pleasant and emotional moment, on the other hand.