According to research carried out by Elan France on the environmental impact of shopping trolleys, the difference between a Plastimark trolley and the old metal trolley is enormous.

The research shows that producing a Plastimark trolley saves 69,4% non-renewable energy, 74,1% natural resources and 76,5% less greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Today Plastimark can proudly claim that its shopping trolleys have one-third the environmental impact of the old, outdated metal trolley.

Back in 1994, Plastimark®, in cooperation with the German Bayer AG group, presented a revolutionary, environmentally friendly, ultra-light and extraordinarily robust shopping trolley made entirely of plastic that attracted interest not only in the European market but also in overseas markets.

Since then, there have been numerous initiatives and attempts to emulate it by numerous competitors, but no company has been able to match the success of Plastimark® either in terms of product quality or in terms of units produced.

Plastimark®’s winning formula remains as current as ever, and the more time passes, the more it proves to be suited to the new scenarios that are emerging for the future of distribution.

Plastimark®’s constant commitment to spreading a sustainable culture places it among the most advanced companies in Europe in this respect and is abundantly rewarded by the remarkable results achieved.

The ever-increasing awareness of the customer towards environmental issues, increasingly directs the trader to give the supermarket a social connotation, transforming it from a place of consumption into a place of ethical commitment, obtaining considerable advantages in terms of communication and customer loyalty.

Choosing Plastimark® solutions for your points of sale means, on the one hand, offering your customers an environmentally friendly, innovative and high quality product, and on the other hand, achieving tangible cost savings, consolidating your corporate image and standing out from your competitors.