Plastimark is a family-run Italian company, which has always been committed to having  a responsible and ethical commitment,  to having not only a successful entrepreneurial itinerary, but prior to that, a responsible and ethical commitment, from a viewpoint of sensitivity to the environment and the social context.

But, we have to underline that all these values, without a careful choice of our partners who support  our clients from the first approach and choice,  to the installation of the product itself , would  have never allowed us to spread outside the domestic borders, bringing us to be successful  worldwide.

The French branch,  Country historically linked to the major retailing brands, ensures a reactive  and regular presence on this market which is one of the  most dynamic in Europe.

And our global network of  partners provides a qualified and well-distributed expert sales and service, guaranteeing   constant connection  with Plastimark HQ  and  always ensuring efficiency, reliability and a valid  and quick  after-sales support .

In one word : Plastimark takes care of the clients.