Shops are not just showcases for products, they transmit messages to build customer relationships based on experience. This was confirmed by a 2021 survey, which revealed that 66% of consumers expect more meaningful experiences from physical shops.

This focus not only helps attract audiences, but also provides an opportunity to stand out from the competition and increase customer trust, all while growing revenues.

For retailers, however, branding goes beyond simple brand identity, as they must bring that identity into the shopping experience.

Proximity, customer journey and sustainability are the keywords of the new retail concept.

The new trend is represented by a virtuous, people-friendly and environmentally friendly model, designed to transform urban spaces into polycentric realities based on local economies. A place where citizens, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by technology, can find everything they need within a perimeter that can be covered on foot in 15 minutes.

The key word, in any case, will increasingly become ‘GREEN DESIGN‘.

The greenery and colours of nature improve the visitor’s mood and lead them to be more relaxed, spending more time in the shop. This is also achieved with the help of small themed noise diffusers in the background, which create a sound carpet that contributes to the advertising messages (acoustic comfort). The design of retail spaces has been of particular importance for many years and at all levels. What used to be just a display requirement to renovate the shop, will in future also be for small independent shops, that characterising element to turn a simple shopping moment into a memorable and shareable experience, which will continue to lead consumers to choose in-store shopping over online shopping.