During last year the world of Retail changed significantly due to the spread of Covid-19. Online sales increased, especially during the lockdown months, yet this didn’t translate into the decline of traditional in-store shopping. People continue to go to supermarkets, first of all for a need for human contact, but also because online shopping has its limits too, such as a reduced availability of choice, possible delays in delivery and the lack of shopping experience. Since customers seem to still prefer in-store shopping to online shopping, the key aspect to take into consideration is safety: consumers choose to buy in stores that ensure the best hygienic conditions.
Plastimark meets this need by supplying a range of products such as those of its new Clean Line, made by using antibacterial additives, able to reduce bacteria.

These additives inhibit the growth and multiplication of metabolically active bacteria, thus enhancing the microbial safety of the shopping trolley.