As part of the experiential difference offered by Plastimark products range, you can also find trolleys and baskets versions suitable for transporting small animals, for a pet-friendly shopping.
There are many solutions:

• the Furbo system with two Tyko baskets. The baskets are diversified by colour and/or graphic customisation, thus providing a clear distinction between the two;
• shopping trolleys with graphic personalization on the basket and/or the personalized logo on the handle;
• Duka/Twiga equipped with a movable divider, which allows bottling and creates two spaces: one for the animal and the other for shopping. Also for this solution it’s possible the graphic customization (both on the trolley and on the handle).
• Duka/Twiga equipped with a fixed divider, which always creates two spaces and the shopping trolley is customizable.

Plastimark cares about little friends with tails.