At an historic moment when the EU has approved the decree law banning single-use plastics starting from 2021, it’s important to explain what are the different types of plastics because not all of them have the same environmental impact.

Plastimark makes use of exclusively 100% recyclable materials, which can be reused to produce other trolleys or plastic products.

Polyamide and polypropylene used by Plastimark last a long time thanks to their high stress at break and to their sturdiness.

Plastic trolleys are to be preferred over old-fashioned metal trolleys for many reasons:

– reduced theft rate, no scrap value

– no rust and excellent weather-resistant

– non-deformable

– excellent parameters of hardness, stiffness and tensile strength

– fracture toughness and wear resistance

– abrasion resistance

– reduction of damages to furniture and equipment and impact-resistant