In 2023, the grocery and retail sector continues to evolve rapidly, driven by consumer preferences, technological advances and a growing interest in sustainability. Retailers that embrace these trends and prioritise customer-centric approaches are set to grow in this dynamic landscape.

One of the reasons, which should not be underestimated, why the large retail brands are focusing on more stores located in cities with a floor space of no more than 400 m2 is also the reduced running costs compared to hypermarkets (characterised by areas larger than 2500 m2 ) and supermarkets (characterised by areas between 400 and 2500 m2 ).

Speaking about customers, on the other hand, we can say that neighbourhood shops meet the needs of fast, daily shopping and often emphasise fresh and locally available products. Shopping in a smaller shop sometimes means being able to support the local economy, as many of them are franchise shops, thus also providing jobs as well as supporting a good number of local suppliers, having a positive impact on the whole community.

Another focal point is the loyalty that is promoted when customers begin to see the shops as points of reference and come to have a strong sense of loyalty and trust in the quality of the products and service they receive. The names chosen by the signs to differentiate these shops represent the very aim of the concept: City, Express, Local etc. make us immediately realise that shopping will be characterised by greater speed, with a strong local imprint and consequently a reduced volume compared to that in larger outlets.

While speaking about the Retail Trend in a global perspective, it is important to remember that personal preferences may vary considerably and that some consumers may still be inclined to prefer the selection, convenience and prices offered by larger supermarkets or chain shops. Therefore, the choice between a grocery shop and a supermarket ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the customer and the offers available in different countries.