We found ourselves at once, though not unexpectedly, forced to face a challenge far greater than any person, community or productive activity, including ours.

It is not in fact through size or individual courage that we will be able to surmount the difficulties that are simultaneously affecting the entire world. What we instead need is a mighty collective effort, which must move from the awareness that each one of us can and must play his part, regardless of size or of the place in which he lives and works.

United and with a coordinated effort by all of us, we will be able to regain our life and our social relationships develop productive activities anew. Perhaps, nay, surely with a new awareness and with different methods, so that problems like this that is involving us these days do not recur or, at least, so that we are readier to tackle them.


With the spirit that inspired the words: “even one drop of water can be important, if we strive together to quench a huge fire”, Plastimark, with the other companies of Giordano Holding, intends to assert its determination to ensure the continuity of its productive and commercial activity, backed up by the effort and commitment of its staff in Italy and in the rest of the world, by the trust and patience of its customers, by the support and collaboration of its commercial network, and by the relief provided by a global network of contacts and relationships built over time on mutual loyalty and esteem.

We are confident that we will soon come back to “normality”, to reassert the direct human relationship and the communal spirit of the global Retail sector as founding values and daily guide of Plastimark; even with Coronavirus.

A most heartfelt thanks goes to all those people who daily make possible the activities of supermarkets, groceries and essential shops, which stay open to guarantee the basic necessities to the entire communty of the Country they are based in.

Plastimark S.p.A.