Pallets by Plastimark represent today the highest expression of ecology applied to packaging and storage in industry and large-scale retail trade. While guaranteeing the same characteristics of sturdiness of traditional wooden pallets, plastic pallets also respond to the consumers’ environmental concern: once cleaned they can be reused many times over the years; not to mention that they are made with completely recyclable and recycled materials.

Easy to wash, plastic pallets ensure utmost cleanliness and therefore prove to be particularly suitable both for transporting food and beverage products and for creating specific sale and promotional areas inside shopping centres.

Thanks to the wide range of colours available, this product has many practical applications: it can be used not only to furnish and customize the indoor areas of shopping centres, but also for private use, for the creation of design outdoor furniture (unconventional sofas, armchairs, cocktail tables…).

The great versatility of Plastimark pallets, together with their cleanliness, easiness of use and eye-catching design, make of them key elements to the customization of shopping centres, gardens and outdoor spaces.