Improving the quality of shopping in a manner increasingly sustainable for the planet. Capitalising the specific and long-standing experience gained over time, for the benefit of the retail sector and the end-user. Turning trolleys and baskets made with technological plastic materials and Italian design into the future of the retail system, with solutions increasingly more beautiful, comfortable and functional.


Seeing to the relationship with the customer, constantly prioritising the personal rapport, and applying “customised” solutions, typical of a family-run business, to extend a highly satisfactory experience to the end-user. Preserving the leadership in innovation, continuing to search for technical solutions that increase the advantages over the use of metal, resorting to techno-polymers, including those of vegetable origin and recycled ones, in accordance with the highest qualitative standards and certification specifications. Offering a broad range, produced with modern machinery, that reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, promoting the logic of circular economy and facilitating the end-cycle retrieval of plastic.