The daily manipulation of shopping trolleys and baskets used by large retailers is one of the main causes of bacterial transmission between users.

In this particular historical moment, due to the global pandemic, the attention dedicated to hygienic conditions has greatly increased in supermarkets, which are consequently deciding more and more to adopt dedicated solutions.

Plastimark is part of Giordano Holding, a leader in plastic moulding for 60 years, and this experience has allowed the development of high performance technological compounds.

One of the first compounds was Plastimark Clean, created by adding antibacterial to plastic material and being the first to develop this technology has allowed us to achieve maximum effectiveness and application in a wide range of products.

The anti-bacterial used in Plastimark Clean counteracts bacterial growth and reduces bacterial proliferation by up to 2000 times, providing users with a safe shopping experience.

The latest accessory developed in the Plastimark Clean range is the ergonomic handle for Duka, Twiga and Keita: resistant, but above all safe!