The TWIGA plastic trolley stemmed out of the desire to satisfy the needs of medium-sized shopping areas.
The loading capacity of 150 litres makes it suitable for supermarkets.
Its lightness makes it easier to handle, as well as being particularly noiseless.
It ensures therefore an optimal comfort for users and full satisfaction of clients’needs.


Capacity: 150 lt
Width: 595 mm
Height: 1.048 mm
Depth: 1.050 mm
Nesting capacity: 265 mm
Weight: 15,5 kg



RAL 7043

Baby seat

RAL 7043
RAL 7023


RAL 7023
P 375C
RAL 3020
RAL 5015

Customisable in any colour on customer request


€/non € multi-coin lock
New-born seat
Fixed divider for fresh food
Movable divider for fresh food
Customisation of standard handle
Ergonomic handle with scanner holder
Customisation of ergonomic handle
Shopping list carrier
Base mounted tray for heavy loads


1. LC Ø 100
2. LC Ø 125
3. LC travelator Ø 125
4. Premium Ø 100
5. Premium Ø 125
6. Premium travelator Ø 125 T.M.
7. LC with brake Ø 100
8. LC with brake Ø 125


1 truck
no. 392 items
1 x 20’ containers
no. 114 items
1 x 40’ containers
no. 258 items

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