Why Wood

If plastic encompasses an extremely wide range of quality and functionality making it the ideal material for the many products that surround us, the plastic-wood combination further succeeds in conferring on it the appeal of naturalness and innovation. All this while maintaining the typical strengths of the Plastimark® range: aesthetics, resistance, permanence and durability, for a natural and ethically responsible shopping experience. The wood fibre used has its exclusive origin in wood processing waste from FSC®- certified forests.

Plastimark® Wood can:

  • expand the shopping experience
  • make you live the warmth and fragrance of wood
  • offer an eco-friendly solution

Why Wood

Plastimark® Wood is a plastic compound specially developed by Plastimark® from a plastic material base supplemented with wood fibres.

  • Suitable for food contact in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011
  • Does not undergo any change when in contact with liquids
  • Does not show any reaction to such chemical agents as ethanol, acetic acid and hydrochloric acid
  • Maintains the mechanical properties unchanged at low temperatures
  • Responds to the same extinguishing class as traditional polypropylene
  • Washable with neutral detergent, even at high temperatures

In the baskets range, Plastimark® Wood is available for the body of:




Within the trolley range, Plastimark® Wood is available for the handles of: