Why recycled material

Plastimark® Black characterises trolleys, baskets and pallets made with 100% recycled plastic. The use of such material does not in any way alter the mechanical and functional characteristics, while simultaneously providing the advantage of retrieving and using the plastic afresh at the end of its previous cycle of use, thereby avoiding its dispersion into the environment. This operation ensures a sustainability of the process far greater than that achieved through conventional alternatives, such as metal, thus representing not only a “nice” functional solution but also a mindful ethical choice.

Plastimark® black can:

  • lend new life to an end-cycle product
  • narrate a tale of sustainability
  • offer an eco-friendly solution

What is Plastimark® black

What makes the difference in respect of some recent objections to plastic is not the material as such, but rather the conscious and responsible use thereof. This is a rule that should hold good for every resource of the planet.

Armed with this vision, Plastimark® has built its own ethical conduct:

  • on the exclusive use of 100% recyclable materials
  • on granting its own customers the opportunity to return the product at the end of its productive life with a view to introducing it into the circuit of creation of new articles, thereby extending the duration of the raw material and reducing the overall environmental impact

Plastimark ® Black is available for the full range of baskets:






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Plastimark ® Black is available for the full range of pallet:

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